Australia’s Most Beautiful Buildings Are Townhouses

From the North Shore Times: “A group of eco townhouses in Lane Cove have been declared the greenest and most beautifully designed in the country.  The six luxury townhouses [developed by Evergreen Living] won three categories of the 2011 Building Design Association Excellence Award including best townhouse and environmental sustainability.  James Cooper, who designed the townhouses, was awarded the overall excellence award for the best designed development in Australia.  Mr. Cooper, who is director of Sanctum Design, said the owner and builder had gone well beyond the usual ‘greenwash’ outcomes.  ‘The builder embraced recycling on the building site and we had a lot of recycling bays for different materials.  We also used recycled sandstone, timber and bricks as part of the development.’  And despite ideas to the contrary, building in a sustainable way did not cost more, he said.”  Full article here.

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